Angel Investor Network

Angel Investor Network - Upstairs Startups, Bathurst

We are kicking it off!

Upstairs Startup Hub, supported by Jobs for NSW, is activating the Central West Business Angels Network.

Angel Investors are typically high-network individuals that have enough capital to invest in startup businesses.

We are looking for strategic mentors, investors and people that have:
– Interest in mentoring startup founders,
– Industry expertise, resources or connections,
– Community and contributing mindset to helping startups,
– Interest in learning more about investing in startups,
– Capital resources to invest,
Or have a combination of these that could see you as one of our newest business Angels.

In activating the Central West Business Angels Network, Upstairs Startup Hub will be connecting with and taking enquiries from anyone interested in learning more and from those looking to invest financially, through experience, network or resource.

If you love business, startups or entrepreneurs and want to be part of this new and exciting network than register today.

How Upstairs will help

As a co-working and startup hub for new and existing businesses looking to grow and launch their ideas into scalable businesses, Upstairs will continue to foster these entrepreneurs and provide a pipeline of qualified businesses that Angels may want to invest in.

Through Upstairs’ Local Innovation Network that extends across the wider Central West, Upstairs will also be working with partners across this region to provide greater opportunity for Angels to meet and evaluate startup businesses that may be a valuable investment from all over the Central West.

As part of Upstairs’s activation of the Angel Network, the following resources and capabilities will be pulled together to kick-start it:

  • Angel Investor toolkit
  • A pipeline of investible businesses
  • Dedicated pitching events
  • One-on-one warm introductions
  • Access to a wider network of Angels
  • Angel Network charter template
  • Angel to Startup agreement templates
  • Private live streaming of business pitches
  • Anonymity as required

Be sure you to stay up-to-date with the network by registering as an interested Angel Investor below.

Don't miss out

If you’re interested in learning more about what the Central West Business Angels Network is and how you can get involved please complete the form below

Whether you are interested in learning more about what an Angel Investor is or want to be one of the first Angel’s involved, complete the enquiry form below!