More Than Just A Co-Working Space

Upstairs isn’t just a room of desks. Our light, bright and spacious level of the Reliance Centre can host up to 32 entrepreneurs on dedicated workstations, and even more space for collaboration with our flexible seating on the lower level. We have numerous spaces specifically for private meetings, phone calls, and even some fun competition during the workday.


Get down to business in comfort and style at one of our workstations. Each is equipped with built-in power boards to keep your batteries charged all day long. We have 32 dedicated workstations including sit-to-stand desks. The space is designed for efficiency and ease.


Our esteemed list of mentors have years of professional experience in a number of specialties and fields relevant to startups. They are here to help whether it be in-person, Upstairs or at hosted events. Whether you need tailored advice or overall guidance, our in-house mentors take the time to understand your business and your needs.

Pitch Space

Before meeting with investors and partners, make sure you’re pitch-perfect by practising in our dedicated pitching space. The space is also used for guest presentations, events and other presentations.


Upstairs is connected in many more ways than just our high-speed internet. We have partnerships and landing pads across NSW, Australia and abroad, now making conducting business in a regional area global.


Upstairs works closely with our startups to tailor programs and pathways no matter what stage of the business lifecycle they are in.

So if you're not sure what direction you should take, or how to approach it, you can be sure the right step is starting Upstairs.

Quiet Zone

Shhh- it’s the Quiet Zone! The furthest end of Upstairs is reserved for quiet collaboration and creative thinking. Brainstorm against the chalkboard wall or clearing your mind as you churn out the work.


It’s no work, all play in this zone.

Take a break from building your business with a game of ping-pong or foosball, relax on our lounges or read a book.

This area is also great to have a more casual catch up with other entrepreneurs, mentors or businesses.


Bring your lunch to work, have a break and enjoy a kit-kat in our kitchen and lunch space.

With plenty of cutlery, cups, water pitchers and anything else you might need to refuel the engine and get your proposal out. We've got you covered.

Now's The Time For Action!

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Our startups are paired with expert mentors to help them navigate and grow their business.

Don't Be Shy

A year from now, you'll look back and wish you started today. Launching your new business all begins with a conversation. So why not get in contact with us, see the space and meet the team. We're here to help and want to hear your idea!

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