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Step Up Your Start-up!

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs working across a variety of innovative and forward-thinking businesses.

Upstairs Start-Up Hub is a co-working space for small business, and new and innovative startup businesses based in Bathurst, NSW.

Who can be an Upstairs Member?

Anyone who needs a space to work! We welcome small businesses, startups, side hustles, remote workers, sole traders Tafe/ University students.

Then we want to hear from you!

How long are memberships?
Memberships are on a month to month basis with no lock in contracts.
What type of memberships are there?

Memberships are available as full-time or part-time. To learn more about these, please visit our memberships page.

I’m not a startup or new business, can I still become a Member?

Yes you can! Upstairs is for anyone. For example, we have many remote workers that want to get out of the home office, small businesses that want that professional edge, and students that don’t want to study in their dorm rooms. Please get in touch with us if you wish to know more.

Are there conditions of use as a member?

Yes, there are. See here for our Terms and Conditions, which all of our members and mentors need to agree to in order to join our community.

What is the process of applying for membership or mentoring?

If you are interested in joining the community, we suggest coming in for a tour first. This will give you a feel of the space and how the coworking community operates. From there, you just apply for what membership best suits you and the Upstairs team will review your application and get you all set up.

Start your startup - how to join our community and become a member!

If you want to join, then jump over and complete our application form here. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow you could be one day into your startup!

Becoming a mentor and mentee

To become a mentor, express your interest here. Note that all mentors volunteer their time and must also agree to our terms and conditions.

To become a mentee, express your interest here.

I am interested in investing in a startup, what should I do?
Investors are welcomed to reach out to the Upstairs team to discuss opportunities and be invited along to meet with, or be notified when events or start-ups are looking to raise capital. Marketing to our members is also available through our channels, as well as facilitating introductions.
Does Upstairs run any start-up programs?

Upstairs has recently received a government grant to run an accelerate program at Upstairs. Having commenced with the Launch program late last year, the accelerate program will carry on in the coming months and will target current businesses, emerging leaders, innovators, startups, new businesses, and high school students. 

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to learn more, visit our Eventbrite page. 

Upstairs also has a range of partner associations that run startup courses, accelerator programs and more. To learn more about these opportunities, please get in touch with us today.

What does Upstairs do about COVID?

Upstairs works hard to take all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our members, by following and staying across all Government updates and direction, as well as regularly communicating with our members when news breaks.

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