Start your business the way you start your day!

Start your business the way you start your day! - Upstairs Startups, Bathurst

Heard about the entrepreneurs that become overnight successes?

They started with a good idea!
Businesses create jobs…
Jobs are essential for our region’s economic growth.


  • Can you learn how to be an entrepreneur?

  • Could it really work in the Central West of NSW?

  • Could you be the next startup success story?

Get ready for the change!

The great news is that with the arrival of Kaffeine all you need is a good idea and you can learn everything you need to know to grow your idea into a viable business.

What is Kaffeine?

Kaffeine is a short, sharp, engaging course that will run for 2 hours per week over 8 weeks at venues near you with some classes also being run online. It is designed to teach entrepreneurship, especially to the people of our region, the Central West of NSW.

What will Kaffeine teach me?

Kaffeine will teach you:

  • How to find customers, partners and investors.
  • How to get your idea into shape and take it to the next step.
  • The value of what you are offering and how to price it right.
  • A powerful brand and marketing plan.
  • Pitch your idea in front of an audience of funders and potential customers like a pro.
  • Run your own show.
  • Work where you live and love what you do!

And will also introduce you to:

  • Other like-minded people
  • Mentors and networks
  • The ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Central NSW
  • The funding networks
  • Government agencies who will support you
  • Other start up hubs in regional NSW and Sydney

Being an entrepreneur puts your life and your goals into your hands.

Dare to explore more!

Dare to take on challenge

Dare to succeed!

$ 1650
Special promo price

Course value includes:

  • 6 online learning modules specifically designed by entrepreneurs and business people – valued at $700.00
  • 6 x 2 hour group facilitated training sessions – valued at $700.00
  • 2 exclusive live events – valued at $250.00
                       Total Value = $1650.00

Plus bonus….

  • Graduation certificate on completion
  • Auto acceptance to a Regional Pitch event
  • Optional business showcase to Angel network

You may also be eligible for a subsidised price! Price to be confirmed with application.

Members / regional partners price: $789.00 | Scholarships available: $395.00 (granted on successful application and may be subject to interview) 

Enquire now for the next cohort. Dates to be confirmed. Fill in the enrolment form and we will follow up with the on-boarding.

Startup Kaffeine' Course Outline

Over 8 exciting weeks you and a cohort of other aspiring entrepreneurs will be mentored and supported by local and international business experts, resulting in an optional live pitch to potential investors, customers and supporters.

Each week you will tackle a core area of your business:

Your Startup Kaffeine Takeways:


Understanding your customer (in-person workshop)

  • Membership to a community of local, likeminded people


Creating your solution (online workshop)

  • Introductions to partners, customers and investors


Creating a business model (online workshop)

  • A durable, powerful business plan



Money and finance for growing businesses
 (online workshop)

  • The ability to understand and delight your customers with great products


Branding, marketing and communications (online workshop)

  • A powerful brand and marketing plan


Pitching for support and investment (in-person workshop)

  • Whether you are pitching to investors or customers, what you say is critical


How to present your pitch (in-person workshop)

  • Strong presentation skills and ability to convey your message


Showcase: Deliver a live pitch at Upstairs Bathurst!

  • The ability to understand and delight your customers and great products

How does it work?

Startup Kaffeine has been designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in regional and rural Australia.

Everything we present is highly practical, geared directly towards launching your startup.

We know that you are a passionate and impatient bunch so we won’t waste your time by asking you to learn theory for the sake of it.

We will release all of the lessons, tools and techniques to you at the beginning of the course, along with clear, simple explanations and instructions.

Our beautifully designed online training allows you to take control, and with your mentor’s support, have the flexibility to apply relevant lessons to solve problems in your business as and when you need to.

With Startup Kaffeine, your time can be entirely focused on practical business issues

Problem solving, strategizing and building a powerful network.


How will they work?

Week 1: In-person workshop

The course begins with an exciting in-person workshop to kick-start your startup journey. You will meet and network with your instructors, course mentors, fellow course participants, and with interested supporters, potential customers, and angel investors.

Learning combined with fun will ease you into the course.


Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5: Online workshops

During weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5, you will have weekly access to a practical online workshop, where you and your fellow participants will meet with your course instructor.

In this session you will share your progress and discuss and solve the business problems you face.

Sessions will also be held in various venues throughout the Central West.

Weeks 6 and 7: In-person workshop

In week 6 you will return for an in-person workshop to perfect what you are pitching and in week 7 you will perfect how to deliver your pitch. You will have the support of your mentor and instructors, as well as a trained actor, who will give you the skills to present your idea powerfully and persuasively.

Week 8: Live pitch

Now that you have perfected and polished your business, what you are pitching and how you pitch it, it will be time to deliver it all! You will pitch in front of an audience of local people, investors, customers and partners who are interested in your idea. Your pitch will also be filmed by the Brijid Media team in the morning.


Take away your very own fantastic showreel to promote your business and to ensure your startup’s success into the future.

Contact Kaffeine

Phone number: 0412 028 717


Location: Upstairs Bathurst, 203-209 Russell Street, Bathurst

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