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Regional Startup Challenge - For People with a Great Idea

This course is free and open to all.

With 10 short activities, you will learn through our online learning platform and complete a set of activities designed to help you explore your business hunch:

Module 1: From Idea to Business: How to Do It in Regional Australia
Module 2: Exploring and Explaining Your Business Idea
Module 3: Finding a Market for Your Business
Module 4: Getting your Product or Service Built
Module 5: Finding and Selling to your Customers – Part 1
Module 6: Finding and Selling to your Customers – Part 2
Module 7: Building your Team, Hiring Staff and Finding Skills in Regional Australia
Module 8: Building your Business Network in Regional Australia
Module 9: Funding and Raising Capital in Regional Australia
Module 10: Pitching your Idea

What’s included?

► Access to the Regional Startup Challenge course materials

► Access to the Regional Startup School podcast series, featuring stories and case studies from Australia’s best regional entrepreneurs

► Downloadable course materials

► Access to online and real-world startup communities in your region, and in the city